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Jenni Price Photography

Jenni Price Photography

We met Jenni back in 2008, she’s taken some of our our favorite family pictures. Jenni is “a wife, and mommy of three fun, very energetic, and beautiful children, who inspired me to start this journey of photography back in 2007.

I photograph in pure natural light, giving your child enough space to explore, while I follow, in hopes to allow real life portraits to just happen.”

For examples of her most recent work… and of course a few posts here and there of her own little ones, visit her site here.

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Sophia Rose photography

White Kufi Hat with light pink striped flower

Sophia Rose is a wonderful photographer based in Vancouver, Washington, right over the bridge from Portland:

“I have always loved photography but it wasn’t until the birth of my first child that I got really serious about learning the ins and outs of using my camera and capturing really beautiful images. She inspired me to capture every moment, not just the special ones. I have been so blessed to connect with families around special moments and every day moments in their lives while expressing myself as an artist.”

You can visit Sophia rose photography here.

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Rochelle Javier

Rochelle Javier Photography

Rochelle is a self-taught photographer based in Las Vegas, NV. “While I’ve always been passionate about the arts (specifically film and photography), it wasn’t until my daughter was born that my desire to take better photographs was fueled and my love for photography grew to another level. As I witnessed how quickly she was blossoming and growing, I wanted to capture as many memories of her as I possibly could; to stop time and to cherish the fleeting memories. I love how photography allows for the encapsulation of even the simplest of moments (silly grins, thoughtful expressions, laughter) that might otherwise have been forgotten. This has been my inspiration to continue perfecting my art and cultivating my business. My vision is to create images that are not only fun, beautiful, and of quality but that also preserve moments in time.”



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Gary Estime

Photo by Gary Estime

Gary Estime, a self-taught artist and photographer based in Atlanta, GA.  “I began my artistic journey as a fine artist specializing in oil painting. Overtime, I developed a strong passion for photography.  I utilize my passion for fine arts as a way of expressing my creativity through photography. My work has been described as fun, refreshing, energetic, thought provoking and hauntingly beautiful. Through constant research of new techniques, and attention to lighting, composition and detail, I hope to inspire others as I’ve been inspired by the many photographers who were able to capture my attention in a single frame.”